At Sunscape Yachting we have sailing holidays for everyone:

Share boats are ideal for couples and singles wanting to make up a crew sailing one of our flotilla yachts. It can provide a cost effective way for two or more persons to join a flotilla yacht as the price paid is based on two person occupancy on a two cabin yacht or on three person occupancy when sailing a 3 cabin yacht. Alternatively you can join our very stylish Skippered Cruises and book just a cabin and sail in the company of other like-minded guests, while all catering and nautical matters are taken care of by our professional Skipper and hostess. The third option is to take a Gulet Cruise, these traditional wooden sailing ships - thought to descend from the Mediterranean schooner of old, can now be enjoyed cruising the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands of Greece as well has the vessels traditional home waters of Turkey's Turquoise Coast. The perfect way to explore these islands and coastal waters is on board an authentic gulet cruise, meandering at a slow pace and stopping off en-route. You can remain in Turkish waters or cross the Aegean to the Greek islands or cruise the Kornati National Park in Croatia.